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I looked at several packages, and feature for feature, Reservation Master 5 does everything we need, and the support can't be beat. The learning curve is low, the features are complete (with new features added continuously) and Tom has been very good at listening to suggestions and implementing them if appropriate.

I have loaded the new version! I am impressed by your immediate response to my suggestions, however I have not had the time to look at them yet but do hope to by the end of the week!

When you compare service, features, and cost, you’ll see why Reservation Master 5 is your best value for resort and guest management software.

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Using QuickBooks with Reservation Master 5
QuickBooks to Reservation Master 5 | Reservation Master 5 to QuickBooks

You can integrate your front desk operations with your QuickBooks accounting tool to have all your sales and cost data in one place. When using the QuickBooks interface, Reservation Master 5 utilizes QuickBooks' "Item List" to record sales on your guests' folios and then exports the sales data back to QuickBooks when payments are received or a reservation is closed so that you can take full advantage of QuickBooks' powerful reporting capabilities.

Here's how to use the interface:

First, select QuickBooks as your accounting tool in Reservation Master 5's SetUp function/Application Data option. Choose either the 'Detail' or 'Summary' export option ('Summary' is preferred).

QuickBooks to Reservation Master 5

  • Review/update the Item List in QuickBooks (click on 'Lists/Item' on the QuickBooks menu bar)
    • The 'Description' field for each item contains the text that you want to appear on your guest invoices. Change them as necessary. Each item's description field must be populated and each description must be unique.
    • The 'Price' field  is optional. If completed, Reservation Master 5 will use it to calculate the extended price for each sale. If you don't use it, you will have to enter the price for each sale in Reservation Master 5. When an item can have different sales prices, you probably want this to be 0. For example, an item might be called 'Miscellaneous, taxable' or you might have one item for all your clothing. If such items have 0 price, Reservation Master 5 will prompt you for the price when entering the sale.
    • 'Name,' 'Type,' and 'Account' can contain whatever information you need for your accounting results to make sense. Be sure 'Taxable' is appropriately set for each item.
  • If you collect a lodging tax, make sure there is a tax item defined in the Item List that you will designate as the 'Lodging Tax' item in Reservation Master 5
  • Export the Item List from QuickBooks
    • Click 'file/export' from the QuickBooks Menu Bar
    • Select only the Item List for Export.
    • Name the file 'qbitems.iif'
    • PC users: export it to the folder 'c:\Reservation Master 5'. 
      MAC users: export it to the folder 'Reservation Master 5' on your hard disk.
  • If you are using the 'Summary' option, define two 'other current asset' accounts in QuickBooks. These accounts will receive the payment data exported from Reservation Master 5. Be sure the names are exact and there are no spaces in 'Cash&Checks'.
    • 1st account: Reservation Master 5 Cash&Checks
    • 2nd account:Reservation Master 5 Other

Whenever you update the Item List in Quickbooks, you should go through this process and export a new copy of the Item List to Reservation Master 5. **This should normally be done only when there are no open accounts and all sales data has been exported from Reservation Master 5 to QuickBooks.  

The new Item List will only apply to future reservations and sales. Reservation Master 5's historical data is not updated. If you used the "Exclude From Display" feature on the original list, you will have to mark the desired items to exclude again.


Reservation Master 5 to QuickBooks

Sales data gathered in Reservation Master 5 should be exported back to QuickBooks on a regular basis (probably weekly during the busy season; at least monthly for reconciling bank statements). To avoid losing any data, and to prevent doubling up on any sales, be sure to complete all the following steps each time you export the sales data:

  • In Reservation Master 5, click on the 'Accounting Functions, Export to QuickBooks' button. You will see what payments and Invoices are queued up for export. Click the 'Export Data' button to create the file 'RMquickbooksData.iif'. This file will be placed in the 'Reservation Master 5' directory / folder. If using the 'Detail' option for the interface, you would first have to create deposit records using the Deposit Payments Accounting Function.
  • Exit Reservation Master 5 and run QuickBooks. This is a good time to create a backup of your QuickBooks data base.
  • In QuickBooks, select 'File/Import' from the menu bar. Find the file RMquickbooksData.iif in your Reservation Master 5 Folder and go. You will get the message 'Import Successful' when it is done

Detail Option: All payments will be placed into the 'undeposited funds' account of QuickBooks. You will then use the Customer/Deposits option to move them to a checking account. All folio/invoice data are entered as 'Cash Sales'. Any refunds are posted as debits to the Checking Account you defined during set-up. The data in QuickBooks mirrors the data in Reservation Master 5.

Summary Option: All payment data is placed into the appropriate 'other current asset' accounts you have defined. Folio/invoice data is summarized by depart date and placed into the General Ledger. You will then transfer money from the 'other current asset' accounts to reflect deposits made to your bank accounts. Only your summarized payment and sales data appears in QuickBooks. All the detail resides in Reservation Master 5.

That's all there is to it.


'QuickBooks' is a trademark of Intuit Inc.

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