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What Reservation Master customers have said:

I looked at several packages, and feature for feature, Reservation Master 5 does everything we need, and the support can't be beat. The learning curve is low, the features are complete (with new features added continuously) and Tom has been very good at listening to suggestions and implementing them if appropriate.

I have loaded the new version! I am impressed by your immediate response to my suggestions, however I have not had the time to look at them yet but do hope to by the end of the week!

When you compare service, features, and cost, you’ll see why Reservation Master 5 is your best value for resort and guest management software.

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Guest Management System

Just Released!

Reservation Master 5 Completely new with all the features you've learned to love from earlier Versions is now even more efficient and easy to use. No charge for current licensees to upgrade to the latest in Guest Management!

Now in two packages: 'Full Function', the comprehensivepackage used by lodging property owners for years, and the lower cost 'Front Desk' package with the comprehensive reservation and reservation management functions of the 'Full Function' package. Call or email for details.

Reservation Master 5

  • Totally New! Reservation Master 5 is a totally new Reservation Master that retains the look and feel of previous versions, but offers new features in addition to all the capabilities of prior releases. Most notable new features are the following:
  • Minimize Reservation Master. You can now ‘minimize’ the Reservation Master 5 program as you can your other applications. Just click the ‘minimize’ button below the ‘Quit’ button on the Home Page screen for MAC installations; click on the Reservation Master 5 item in the task bar for PCs.
  • Improvements to Schedules.  All your guests’ names now display on the Reservation and Resource schedules.
  • Copy & Paste. You can now copy and paste into data entry fields. For example, copy and paste the email and street addresses from an email inquiry when entering a new prospect into the Reservation Master Customer Directory.
  • Making a Reservation. There is a single screen for entering data for a new reservation.
  • General Improvements.  Numerous improvements and additional options have been made to standard features and system reports such as ‘Payments by Month’ and ‘Year to Year’ trends.
  • Performance Improvements. But most importantly, you’ll notice faster and more efficient movement between screens and overall improved system reliability.


Reservation Master 5 is your total solution for front desk operations and more. It gives you the tools to assure your prospects and customers the personal attention they deserve - from the first time they contact you through check-out and beyond. And with Reservation Master 5, you have the data to help you grow your business and improve your customers’ satisfaction. It even has an interfaces to QuickBooks, Quicken and MS Money to integrate your cost and sales data in one place. Reservation Master 5 is both PC and MAC compatible. 

NOW Do you have a restaurant? A store? A gas/bait shop? Do you have a computer network with a terminal at each location? Maybe the new Reservation Master 5 Point of Sale Module is for you! Now collect sales and payment data at the 'point of sale' and upload your data to the Reservation Master 5 data base. No more 'tickets'! Up to 3 point-of-sale locations are supported. See how it works.

NOW Currently using Guest Tracker**? Join others who are considering a move to Reservation Master 5. Your customer data and current reservations can be converted for use with Reservation Master 5. You asked for it. You got it.

Reservation Master 5’s intuitive touch and feel means you’ll be up and running in no time. Check Reservation Master 5's Home page for its functionality. Complete a few simple templates using your rate sheet and you’re ready to go. Import data from your existing customer data base if you have one. Import the "Items" list from QuickBooks if you will be using the QuickBooks Accounting Interface. All can be accomplished in less than an hour.

Reservation Master 5 comes with a no-risk 15 day free trial. If, during the trial period you find Reservation Master 5 an asset for your business, contact TCP Management Solutions to purchase a license for continued use for just $795  for the 'Full Function' package; $525 for the 'Front Desk' package (+ tax where applicable). For a limited time, the license comes with unlimited maintenance releases, technical support and includes our 'FastTrack' service to get you going faster at no extra cost. We do the setup, you start using the package immediately. Contact us for details of our fast track set-up service or assistance with Guest Tracker conversion..


You'll love Reservation Master 5's  special handling of the following features:

Reservation Master 5 is backed by 30 years of software development experience and ten years in the hospitality business. It was developed by a resorter for resorters, and is suitable for resorts, campgrounds, motels, hotels, and B&Bs with up to 50+ rental units. It is supported in both Apple and PC application environments.

*QuickBooks is a registered trademark of Intuit, Inc.
**Guest Tracker is a registered trademark of Munsenware, Inc.

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