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What Reservation Master customers have said:

I looked at several packages, and feature for feature, Reservation Master 5 does everything we need, and the support can't be beat. The learning curve is low, the features are complete (with new features added continuously) and Tom has been very good at listening to suggestions and implementing them if appropriate.

I have loaded the new version! I am impressed by your immediate response to my suggestions, however I have not had the time to look at them yet but do hope to by the end of the week!

When you compare service, features, and cost, you’ll see why Reservation Master 5 is your best value for resort and guest management software.

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Getting Started:
When you first run Reservation Master 5, you will automatically enter "SetUp" mode. You won't be able to perform any other functions until you complete the SetUp routine. Here's what you will need to have decided and have on hand:
  • For QuickBooks users:
    • An exported Items List from QuickBooks (see QuickBooks Interface)
    • The EXACT name of your business checking account as you specified it in QuickBooks
  • For all users:
    • **The day of week your guests normally arrive during your prime season.
    • **The calendar year that will be the first for which you will enter data.
    • The date deposits were due for that year (This determines when to start 'tickling' customers whose deposits are delinquent).
    • How you determine deposits - a fixed amount (how much) or a percentage of the cost of your customer's stay.
    • Names for the various rate structures you have for your business
    • Starting dates for the your business' seasons and the default rate structure applied to each. This allows for Reservation Master 5 to automatically price your guests' stays and calculate occupancy statistics by season. Occupancy statistics are available for each week and each season you define. So even if your rate structure does not vary more than once or twice over time, you can still define lots of 'seasons'  to get more granular occupancy statistics. 
    • **List of rental units and rates by season for each unit for that year (normally your rate sheet will have enough information)
    • The forms of payment you accept (Cash, Visa, Check, etc.)
    • Optional - When to drop prospects from your customer/ prospect list (how many years without any sales)
    • Optional - What amenities/resources you ask your guests to reserve before their arrival (dock, motor, roll-away bed, crib, etc.). What you specify will appear on your guests' registration forms and can be used to help prepare for your guests' arrival..
    • Optional - A file containing customer data from another application (many formats are supported). This file can be imported into Reservation Master 5 to populate your prospect/customer list.
    • Optional - Data from your Guest Tracker* application (contact us for details)
  • For non-QuickBooks users:
    • Optional - A list of items that you sell, whether each is taxable or not, and the unit price if applicable (Reservation Master 5 defaults to a minimally sufficient list to get you started - you can add to it anytime)

**: Once the SetUp procedure is complete, these entries can not be changed without difficulty or restarting. Be sure you know what they need to be before starting the setup procedure.

*Guest Tracker is a registered trademark of Munsenware, Inc.

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