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What Reservation Master customers have said:

I looked at several packages, and feature for feature, Reservation Master 5 does everything we need, and the support can't be beat. The learning curve is low, the features are complete (with new features added continuously) and Tom has been very good at listening to suggestions and implementing them if appropriate.

I have loaded the new version! I am impressed by your immediate response to my suggestions, however I have not had the time to look at them yet but do hope to by the end of the week!

When you compare service, features, and cost, you’ll see why Reservation Master 5 is your best value for resort and guest management software.

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Current Release

The current release of
Reservation Master 5 is
30 October, 2014

If you are currently operating on any release other than RM5v12d.14 you will need to update your system to the current release to have the latest features. Use the 'Check Current RM Release' button on the Home Page to see if you need to update.

Reservation Master 5 Enhancements/Updates

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