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What Reservation Master customers have said:

I looked at several packages, and feature for feature, Reservation Master 5 does everything we need, and the support can't be beat. The learning curve is low, the features are complete (with new features added continuously) and Tom has been very good at listening to suggestions and implementing them if appropriate.

I have loaded the new version! I am impressed by your immediate response to my suggestions, however I have not had the time to look at them yet but do hope to by the end of the week!

When you compare service, features, and cost, you’ll see why Reservation Master 5 is your best value for resort and guest management software.

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  Expert in Spread Sheet and Data Base Applications, TCP Management Solutions can provide you with the guidance and tools to get the maximum value from the data your business needs to be successful. 

Contact us now with your questions and problems to see how we can help you.

And for those of you in the hospitality business, check out our premier product, Reservation Master 5. Designed and developed by a resort owner for the resort business, your resort, hotel, motel, B&B, or campground  (up to 50+ rental units) will immediately benefit from the customer focus it brings to your operation.

Reservation Master 5 is WINDOWS 7, Windows 8, and MacOS X compatible!!

See what we've been doing lately to serve our customers. Click here: RM ReleaseNotes. Your ideas and needs are next!

Reservation Master 5 goes international.  A new release supporting the international market is now available. Quote rates in multiple currencies, take payments in multiple currencies, The changing values of exchange rates are handled for you over the life of a reservation.  Manage customer transfers to and from your property. And use the new 'Agent Management' module to manage relationships, invoicing, and other aspects of your dealings with wholesaler and travel agents. Contact us for details.

Now! Reservation Master 5 comes in two packages: The 'Full Function' package - the package that lodging property owners have been using for years - and the new, lower cost 'Front Desk' package complete with all the reservation management features of the 'Full Function' package. The 'Full Function' package includes the interfaces to QuickBooks, Quicken, and Money, trend reporting, customer followup functions, and financial summaries which are not included in the 'Front Desk' package.

Now! Get the most comprehensive tool for posting your vacancies on your web-site that exists on the market today. Reservation Master 5's Vacation Master module is completely automatic and gives your site visitors access to the information they need to make an informed vacation decision. Learn more!

Now! Do you use QuickBooks, Quicken, or MS Money? Use Reservation Master 5 to capture all your sales data, then export it to your accounting tool to have all your sales and expense data in one place! See how: QuickBooks users, Money/Quicken users.

Now! Convert your Guest Tracker* or other guest management data to take advantage of the full power of  Reservation Master 5. Contact us for details on data conversion, or click here for Guest Tracker specifications..

Now! Design your own forms & form letters using your favorite Word Processor. Manage your data using Reservation Master 5, print your documents in the Word Processor. Contact us for details.

Now! Email your customers directly from Reservation Master 5. Create & send Newsletters and Reservation Confirmations. Send your comments and suggestions right to TCP Management Solutions directly from Reservation Master 5Contact us for details.


* Guest Tracker is a registered trademark of Munsenware, Inc.

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